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In this article, I give you my Samsung Galaxy Note10+ review with specs included. The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ comes in two different sizes, offering users more flexibility in choosing a device that suits their preferences. While some may question the need for two sizes, the variety caters to different user preferences and budgets.

The Note10 starts at $949, making it a slightly more affordable option, while the Note10+ starts at $1,099. Despite the price tags, many users are drawn to the Note series for its unique features, particularly the S Pen stylus. However, the larger size of previous Note devices may have deterred some potential users.

With the Note10, Samsung addresses this concern by offering a device that is similar in size to the regular Samsung Galaxy S10. This makes it more manageable for users who found previous Note devices too large. On the other hand, the Note10+ maintains the larger form factor of previous Note devices, comparable in size to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy S10+. Despite its size, the Note10+ boasts the largest screen yet at 6.8 inches, demonstrating Samsung’s ability to increase screen size while minimizing the overall footprint of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Colors
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Colors

Samsung’s prowess in display technology is evident once again with the Note 10 series. The Dynamic AMOLED display is visually stunning, offering vibrant colors and excellent color accuracy. Whether set to dynamic mode for a more vivid display or natural mode for a realistic representation, the Note10’s display delivers an exceptional viewing experience. Additionally, both the Note10 and Note10+ are available in 5G variants, although 5G coverage may still be limited and not necessarily worth the investment for all users.

Under the hood, the Note10 series is powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor (in the US) or Samsung’s Exynos 990 (in international markets). While not a significant upgrade over previous generations, the performance is still impressive, offering smooth multitasking and efficient operation. The inclusion of 8GB of RAM in the Note 10 and 12GB of RAM in the Note 10+ ensures that the devices can handle demanding tasks with ease. Storage options are generous, with the Note10 offering 256GB of storage and the Note10+ offering a choice between 256GB and 512 GB.

In terms of design, the Note10 series exudes premium quality with its glass front and back panels and metal frame. The devices feel comfortable to hold, and Samsung has managed to improve ergonomics with each iteration. However, one notable omission is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, a trend that is becoming increasingly common in flagship smartphones. While this may disappoint some users, Samsung includes a set of AKG wired headphones with a USB-C connector in the box, providing an alternative for audio enthusiasts.

One key difference between the Note 10 and Note 10+ is the presence of a microSD card slot. While the Note10+ retains this feature, the Note10 does not, likely due to space constraints. This may be a consideration for users who require expandable storage for their media files and documents. Another noteworthy feature is Samsung DeX, which allows users to connect their device to a monitor or TV for a desktop-like experience. The ample RAM and storage options make the Note10 series well-suited for productivity tasks, whether on the go or at home.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ represent a significant step forward in Samsung’s flagship lineup. With their stunning displays, powerful performance, and versatile features, they offer a compelling option for users seeking a premium smartphone experience. While the absence of certain features like the headphone jack and microSD card slot may disappoint some users, the overall package is undeniably impressive. Whether you opt for the compact Note10 or the larger Note10+, you can expect a device that delivers on both style and substance.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ represents a refinement of the Note series, addressing some of the concerns and criticisms of its predecessors while introducing new features and improvements. One notable change is the reduction in size and weight, making the device more comfortable to hold without sacrificing the premium feel that users expect from a flagship smartphone. The sleek design and premium materials evoke a sense of luxury, akin to high-performance vehicles like BMW M cars or Mercedes-AMG models, befitting its premium price tag.

One of the most striking changes is the redesign of the front-facing camera setup. Unlike the dual hole-punch design of the Galaxy S10+, the Note10+ features a single, smaller 10-megapixel selfie camera that is centrally located. This design choice not only reduces the visual impact of the camera cutout but also improves symmetry and aesthetics. The available color options may vary depending on the region, with options like black, white, and blue (Best Buy exclusive in the US), and a new “Aura Glow” variant, which offers a unique reflective finish that changes colors depending on the lighting conditions.

In terms of software, the Note10+ ships with Android 9.0 Pie, with an upgrade to Android 10 expected in the future. Samsung’s One UI overlay provides a polished and intuitive user experience, offering improvements over previous iterations like TouchWiz. The device feels responsive and fluid, with Samsung’s signature features like Edge Panels and a variety of S Pen functions enhancing productivity and convenience. The stereo speakers deliver decent audio quality, although some users may prefer the sound of other flagship devices like the iPhone XS Max.

The centerpiece of the Note10+ is its stunning display, which comes in two sizes: a 6.3-inch version for the standard Note10 and a larger 6.8-inch version for the Note10+. Both displays offer impressive resolutions and pixel densities, with vibrant colors and excellent brightness levels. The inclusion of a factory-installed plastic screen protector adds an extra layer of protection without compromising the display quality, although it may affect visibility with polarized glasses. However, users have the option to remove the screen protector if desired.

Samsung has made some subtle changes to the device’s physical layout, including relocating the power button to the opposite side and eliminating the dedicated Bixby button. While these changes may seem minor, they contribute to an improved user experience, particularly for long-time Samsung users who may need time to adjust.

The inclusion of the S Pen stylus remains a defining feature of the Note series, offering precision input and a range of productivity-enhancing features like Bluetooth connectivity for remote control functionality.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ builds upon the success of its predecessors, offering a compelling combination of premium design, powerful performance, and innovative features. While it may not revolutionize the smartphone industry, it represents a refinement of the Note series, addressing some of the shortcomings of previous models while introducing new capabilities and improvements.

Whether you opt for the standard Note10 or the larger Note10+, you can expect a device that delivers on both style and substance, catering to the needs of discerning users who demand the best in smartphone technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ introduces several notable features and improvements over its predecessors, making it a compelling option for users seeking a premium smartphone experience. One of the standout features is the inclusion of air commands, which allow users to easily capture screenshots or annotate specific sections of the screen using the S Pen stylus. These features enhance productivity and convenience, making it easier to interact with the device and perform various tasks.

Another notable aspect is the presence of Samsung’s Notes application, which has undergone significant improvements, particularly in the area of OCR and handwriting recognition. This feature is particularly useful for users with less-than-perfect handwriting, as it allows for accurate conversion of handwritten notes into digital text. Additionally, the ability to quickly jot down notes when the phone is turned off, using only the S Pen, adds to the device’s versatility and utility.

In terms of security features, the Note10+ is equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner, which offers enhanced security compared to traditional fingerprint scanners. While it may not be as fast as some other devices on the market, the scanner has been improved over previous iterations and is generally reliable in day-to-day use. Additionally, facial recognition is available for even quicker unlocking, providing users with multiple options for accessing their devices securely.

On the camera front, the Note10+ boasts a capable 10-megapixel front-facing camera that can record video up to 4K resolution. At the rear, users are treated to a camera setup similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S10+, providing versatility and quality in capturing photos and videos. The addition of a time-of-flight sensor on the Note10+ further enhances the device’s imaging capabilities, particularly in areas like bokeh effects and augmented reality.

While the camera setup on the Note 10+ may not represent a significant departure from its predecessors, it has been refined and improved with firmware updates and optimizations. The device delivers excellent results in various lighting conditions, with improved low-light performance compared to previous models. While it may not surpass the competition in every aspect, the Note10+ remains one of the best camera phones on the market, offering a compelling option for photography enthusiasts.

In terms of other features, the Note10+ offers a range of premium amenities, including IP68 water resistance, wireless charging, and a large, vibrant OLED display. The device also supports wireless charging 2.0, allowing for fast and convenient charging without the need for cables. When compared to other large-screen smartphones like the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Note10+ stands out for its comprehensive feature set and the inclusion of unique features like the S Pen stylus.

One area where the Note10+ excels is battery life, with the Note10+ featuring a sizable 4,300mAh battery that provides ample power for extended use. This ensures that users can enjoy the device’s features and capabilities without constantly worrying about running out of battery. Overall, the Note10+ offers a compelling combination of premium design, powerful performance, and innovative features, making it a top choice for users seeking a high-end smartphone experience.

Samsung has overcome past concerns regarding battery safety, particularly following incidents with previous generations of the Note series. With the Note10+, users can expect not only fast charging capabilities but also higher-capacity batteries, ensuring prolonged usage without the need for frequent recharging. The device’s endurance is commendable, with the Note10+ proving to be resilient even under heavy usage scenarios, such as prolonged gaming sessions.

The inclusion of a 25-watt fast charger in the box further enhances the device’s charging capabilities, rivaling other top-tier smartphones on the market. Moreover, the option for a 45-watt charger, specifically designed for the Note10+, offers even faster charging speeds, although it may come at an additional cost. The adoption of USB-C technology for charging represents a step forward in universal compatibility, allowing users to leverage existing chargers and cables for added convenience.

Samsung Dex, a feature that has evolved over time, now offers enhanced versatility by enabling users to transform their Note 10+ into a desktop-like experience using just a USB-C cable. This eliminates the need for additional accessories, such as docking connectors or HDMI cables, streamlining the setup process. Samsung Dex provides users with a virtual desktop environment, facilitating seamless access to files, media, and Android applications on a Windows or Mac PC.

The integration of Microsoft applications, such as the Microsoft Phone app, further enhances the device’s productivity capabilities, catering to business-oriented users who rely on seamless connectivity between their smartphone and computer. Additionally, the Note10+ distinguishes itself from other smartphones through its unique features, namely the S Pen stylus and expansive screen size. The S Pen offers unparalleled precision and control, making it ideal for tasks such as photo editing, note-taking, and drawing. Meanwhile, the Note 10+’s large screen provides users with ample space for multitasking and content consumption, without the need for a larger device.

When considering whether to invest in the Note10+, users should weigh its distinctive features, such as the S Pen and expansive screen size, against their individual preferences and needs. For users who prioritize productivity and creativity, the Note10+ offers unparalleled versatility and functionality. Furthermore, Samsung’s pricing strategies, including promotional offers and trade-in programs, may help offset the initial cost of the device, making it a more feasible option for budget-conscious consumers.

However, for those who prioritize performance and display quality without requiring the S Pen functionality, alternatives such as the OnePlus 7 Pro remain viable options. Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Note10+ depends on users’ preferences, budget, and desired features, with the device catering to a wide range of users, from power users to casual consumers.

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