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Introducing the Apple Watch Series 9 for the year 2023, Apple continues the legacy of its iconic smartwatch with a familiar yet refined design. Maintaining its distinctive squarish form, the Series 9 offers two size options, catering to diverse preferences – 41 and 45 millimeters. Despite the external continuity, significant changes have been implemented internally, making it a compelling device in the realm of smartwatches.

As with its predecessor, the Series 9 provides versatility in material choices, starting with aluminum for the entry-level models. Users can opt for the more premium stainless steel variant, which includes cellular connectivity. The cellular feature, though optional, presents the convenience of 4G LTE for those who require it. Pricing for the Series 9 begins at $399 for the base model, with the 45mm stainless steel version reaching around $799.


Addressing the question of pricing in comparison to the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s emphasized that the relatively marginal difference should not dissuade potential buyers from opting for the Ultra, especially considering its more divisive, chunkier design. The comfort of the Apple Watch Series 9, even in stainless steel and larger sizes, stands out, making it an easy-to-wear accessory. The option to personalize the watch with third-party bands allows users to maintain a sense of style, despite Apple’s shift away from manufacturing leather bands due to environmental and ethical considerations.

Under the hood, the Series 9 boasts the new S9 processor, based on the A16 Bionic chip used in iPhones. With a claimed 30% improvement in graphics and overall speed, the S9 processor’s introduction facilitates the execution of Siri functionality directly on the watch.


This not only enhances privacy by reducing reliance on cloud-based queries but also accelerates response times for tasks that can be performed locally on the device. An intriguing addition, enabled by the S9 processor, is the double-tap feature that mimics a default button press. This feature, set to debut in October, offers a hands-free solution for scenarios where physical interaction with the watch might be inconvenient.

The Series 9 ships with watchOS 10, a system also available for older Apple Watch models. A notable feature of watchOS 10 is the Peanuts watch face, adding a touch of whimsy and delight to the user experience. However, it’s acknowledged that this watch face lacks practical complications for users who appreciate information-dense displays. The introduction of Stacks or Smart Stacks, allowing users to scroll through various information snippets, represents a notable addition to watchOS 10, albeit a feature not exclusive to the Series 9.


Apple’s prowess in sports tracking and health features is a consistent highlight, with the Series 9 continuing the tradition of excellence. From sleep monitoring to fitness tracking, the Apple Watch series consistently excels in accuracy and reliability. The integration of power measurements for cyclists and compatibility with Bluetooth devices caters to specific fitness requirements. The Series 9’s health and fitness capabilities, coupled with its enduring design, make it a compelling option in the market.

While the Series 9 marks a notable iteration in the Apple Watch lineup, a brief mention is made of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. This upgraded version shares the S9 CPU with the Series 9 but distinguishes itself with a 3000-nit max brightness compared to the Series 9’s 2000 nits. Despite this enhancement, the decision not to review the Ultra 2 is attributed to its minimal changes, primarily focusing on brightness and processor upgrades.


In conclusion, the Apple Watch Series 9 maintains its status as a leading smartwatch, providing an optimal blend of design, functionality, and performance. The incremental improvements, particularly the S9 processor, contribute to a more seamless and responsive user experience.

Available in both Aluminum and Stainless Steel variants, with size options of 41 and 45 millimeters, the Series 9 stays true to the established Apple Watch formula. Recognized for its sticky appeal, the Apple Watch Series 9 continues to dominate the smartwatch market, appealing to users who value usability, battery life, and a refined design. While design changes may not be on the horizon, the Series 9’s strategic enhancements ensure its relevance and competitiveness in the evolving landscape of smartwatches.


Pros of the Apple Watch Series 9:

  1. Design and Build Quality:
  • Premium Materials: The Apple Watch Series 9 maintains a sophisticated design with premium materials like aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Customization: Users can personalize their Apple Watch with a variety of bands, allowing for individual style preferences.
  1. Processor and Performance:
  • S9 Processor: The inclusion of the S9 processor enhances overall performance, making the device faster and more responsive.
  • Improved Graphics: The S9 processor delivers a 30% improvement in graphics performance, enhancing the visual experience and responsiveness of apps.
  1. Siri Functionality:
  • On-Device Siri: The new S9 processor enables Siri functionality directly on the watch, enhancing response times and privacy by handling more queries locally.
  1. Gesture-Based Controls:
  • Double-Tap Feature: Users can double-tap after raising their arm to initiate default actions quickly, adding a convenient gesture-based control for hands-free interaction.
  1. WatchOS 10 Features:
  • Peanuts Watch Face: The watch comes with the new Peanuts watch face, adding a delightful and entertaining option for users.
  • Smart Stacks: Introduced in WatchOS 10, Smart Stacks provide a convenient way to scroll through and access various complications on the watch face.
  1. Sports and Health Tracking:
  • Accurate Fitness Monitoring: The Apple Watch Series 9 continues Apple’s tradition of accurate fitness tracking, including features like sleep monitoring and precise GPS tracking during workouts.
  • Power Measurement for Cyclists: Cyclists benefit from a new power measurement feature that interfaces with Bluetooth devices, enhancing the watch’s capabilities for specific fitness activities.
  1. Bright Display:
  • Outdoor Visibility: The display, with up to 2000 nits of brightness, ensures excellent visibility outdoors, even in sunny conditions.
  1. Battery Life:
  • Solid Battery Performance: The Apple Watch Series 9 maintains reliable battery life, providing almost two days of usage, depending on factors like exercise routines.

Cons of the Apple Watch Series 9:

  1. Design Stagnation:
  • Unchanged Design: The Series 9 continues with the same squarish design as its predecessors, which might disappoint those expecting a more significant design evolution.
  1. Limited Hardware Upgrades:
  • Incremental Changes: While the S9 processor brings improvements, the overall hardware upgrades might feel incremental, especially for users of recent Apple Watch models.
  1. Cost:
  • High Starting Price: The entry-level pricing for the Apple Watch Series 9 is relatively high, potentially limiting its accessibility for budget-conscious consumers.
  1. Dependency on iPhone:
  • Tightly Integrated Ecosystem: The watch’s functionalities are highly integrated with the iPhone, which might be a drawback for users not fully invested in the Apple ecosystem.
  1. Lack of Always-On Display:
  • No Always-On Feature: Unlike some competing smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 9 does not include an always-on display option, which could be a drawback for users who prefer constant visibility of information.
  1. Limited Customization for Watch Faces:
  • Lack of Useful Complications: The new Peanuts watch face, while entertaining, lacks useful complications, which might disappoint users who rely on complications for quick information access.
  1. No Significant Design Changes:
  • Same Form Factor: The Series 9 maintains the squarish form factor, missing an opportunity to introduce a new shape or form for added variety.

In summary, the Apple Watch Series 9 builds upon the strengths of its predecessors with performance enhancements and new features, but some users might desire a more revolutionary design change and additional hardware innovations. The device remains a top contender in the smartwatch market, especially for those deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem.

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