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The device we are diving into today is none other than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Yes, you heard it right – the 15th iteration in the iPhone lineup. One might ponder, how much can truly change in a smartphone that has been continuously evolving over the years.

Well, the answer is a complex interplay of subtle refinements and notable upgrades, which, in the current landscape of smartphone technology, don’t necessarily entail the groundbreaking leaps seen in the transition from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3 or comparable shifts in various Android models. Nevertheless, Apple has incorporated a few noteworthy elements into the iPhone 15 Pro Max that merit a closer examination.

Let’s start with the exterior. The casing material leaps forward with the incorporation of titanium, available in four refined colors, including a natural titanium variant that exudes a pleasing aesthetic. Notably lighter than its predecessors, this adjustment addresses a long-standing concern shared by many users, especially those wielding the larger Pro models that tended to weigh on the heavier side.

iphone 15 pro finish select 202309 6 7inch blacktitanium AV1 GEO US min

The shift from stainless steel to titanium sheds around 19 grams, a seemingly insignificant figure that translates into a palpable reduction in the overall weight of the device. This move is not just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing the ergonomics and usability of the phone.

The natural titanium, sans coating, adds a touch of elegance, while the durability of the material is a welcome feature, with Apple purportedly utilizing grade five titanium, the highest quality in the spectrum. The internal frame maintains its commitment to sustainability with recycled aluminum. Despite concerns about potential discoloration, it’s a minor issue easily rectified with a simple wipe.

Addressing another historical pain point, the sharpness of the phone’s edges has been slightly tempered, offering a more comfortable grip and eliminating the tendency to dig into the hand. Furthermore, Apple has made strides in making the back glass replacement process both easier and more cost-effective, a marked improvement over previous iterations where such repairs could be a substantial investment. However, it’s essential to note that the modification in the adhesive strategy behind the glass may render it more susceptible to damage in certain durability scenarios.

iphone 15 pro finish select 202309 6 7inch blacktitanium AV2 min

Moving on to the display, the iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts a brighter screen, a characteristic that may not be a game-changer for users in moderate lighting conditions but can be appreciated under the harsh sun of regions like Texas or California. The reduction in bezel size, though marginal, contributes to a sleeker aesthetic. The OLED display, a longstanding Apple strength, remains unchanged in terms of resolution, maintaining the same visual appeal at 6.7 inches for the Pro Max variant and 6.1 inches for the Pro model.

One of the more impactful changes comes in the form of the shift to USB-C. Driven, in part, by external forces like the European Union’s influence, this move not only promotes standardization across devices but also introduces a layer of convenience for users already immersed in the Apple ecosystem, where USB-C chargers are prevalent. The versatility of USB-C extends beyond charging, enabling users to leverage a wide array of accessories.

iphone 15 pro finish select 202309 6 7inch blacktitanium AV3 min

This includes the ability to connect an SSD directly to the iPhone for recording high-quality ProRes videos, a notable advantage for those who prioritize video production on the go. The absence of reverse wireless charging, a feature present in some Samsung Galaxy phones, might be a downside for users who value this capability. Nevertheless, the inclusion of USB-C opens up new possibilities for users looking to expand the functionality of their iPhones, and the benefits extend to compatibility with USB hubs, adding a layer of versatility for those seeking a more intricate setup involving multiple peripherals.

In essence, the iPhone 15 Pro Max embodies a delicate balance between iterative refinements and impactful upgrades. While it may not represent a quantum leap in smartphone evolution, the strategic incorporation of features like titanium casing, a brighter display, and USB-C functionality contributes to a device that is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. As the smartphone landscape continues to evolve, the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands as a testament to Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries within the constraints of a matured industry.

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One noteworthy aspect to highlight is the USB-C cable that comes bundled with the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. Surprisingly, this braided USB-C cable is identified as a 2.0 version, not a 3.0. If you’re employing an SSD for tasks like recording ProRes, it’s advisable to opt for a faster USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 cable. This subtle yet critical detail ensures optimal performance when utilizing high-end accessories.

Moving on to the camera features, the primary and ultra-wide cameras exhibit incremental improvements in software and hardware tweaks compared to the previous generation. However, the telephoto lens takes a significant leap, now offering an optical 5x zoom instead of the previous 3x, equivalent to 120mm. The choice between 3x and 5x depends on individual preferences and photographic needs.

iphone 15 pro finish select 202309 6 7inch bluetitanium min

The Pro Max exclusively features the 5x telephoto, catering to users who appreciate the extended zoom range for capturing landscapes or distant subjects. For portrait photography, the 5x still falls within the standard range used by professionals. Additionally, the main camera defaults to a 24-megapixel mode, enhancing picture sharpness and providing more data for a detailed image. This improvement is particularly advantageous for users who print their photos or seek higher quality without delving into the complexities of RAW mode.

A notable design change is the absence of the mute slider, replaced by an action button that can be pressed instead of slid. This button offers versatile functionality, allowing users to mute the phone, activate focus mode, launch the camera, initiate a voice memo, or even execute more complex tasks through Apple shortcuts.

iphone 15 pro finish select 202309 6 7inch naturaltitanium min

The elimination of the mute slider in favor of this multifunctional button enhances the overall usability of the device. The iPhone experience is complemented by the latest iOS 17, available not only on the iPhone 15 Pro Max but also on older models. However, the battery life remains relatively consistent with the previous generation, with no significant improvement or degradation observed.

Notably, the Pro Max continues to stand out with its extended battery life, offering around 8 hours of screen-on time, a remarkable feat in the realm of smartphones. The sustained battery performance is attributed to Apple’s proprietary combination of designing their CPU, manufacturing the operating system, and incorporating the latest A7 Pro CPU. The A7 Pro introduces additional GPU cores, enabling the smooth execution of graphically demanding AAA game titles, marking a substantial improvement for gaming enthusiasts.

iphone 15 pro finish select 202309 6 7inch whitetitanium min

While the incremental advancements may not prompt immediate upgrades for users of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 15 Pro Max presents a more meaningful improvement for those considering a smartphone upgrade after a few years. The decision to upgrade might be influenced by factors such as a desire for a change in size or a preference for features like USB-C and titanium. Apple’s move towards more environmentally and animal-friendly materials is evident in the replacement of leather cases with synthetic alternatives. However, caution is advised against the fine woven case, which tends to scuff, scratch, and accumulate dirt easily.

Opting for the Apple silicone case or third-party alternatives is recommended to ensure a more durable and practical choice. In essence, the iPhone 15 Pro Max delivers a well-balanced combination of incremental enhancements and notable upgrades, offering a compelling choice for users seeking a blend of advanced features and reliable performance.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: Pros and Cons


  1. Titanium Casing: The iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts a titanium casing available in four muted colors, including a natural titanium finish. The use of titanium not only provides a lighter build but also adds durability to the device.
  2. Reduced Weight: Compared to its predecessors, the Pro Max has shed 19 grams of weight, making it more comfortable for users who found previous models to be on the heavier side.
  3. Improved Edge Comfort: The edges of the device have undergone subtle chamfering, reducing the sharpness that was a common complaint with previous Pro models. This modification contributes to a more comfortable grip.
  4. 5x Optical Zoom: The telephoto lens now offers 5x optical zoom, providing users with increased flexibility in capturing distant subjects. This feature is particularly beneficial for photography enthusiasts who enjoy landscape and wildlife photography.
  5. Enhanced Main Camera: The main camera defaults to a 24-megapixel mode, doubling the resolution from the previous standard of 12 megapixels. This results in sharper images and more data retention for improved quality.
  6. Versatile Action Button: The removal of the mute slider is replaced by an action button that offers various functionalities, including muting the phone, activating focus mode, launching the camera, initiating voice memos, and customizable tasks through Apple shortcuts.
  7. USB-C Compatibility: The inclusion of USB-C facilitates compatibility with a broader range of accessories, allowing users to connect devices like SSDs for tasks such as recording ProRes videos directly onto an external drive.
  8. A7 Pro CPU: The new A7 Pro CPU, featuring additional GPU cores, enhances gaming capabilities, enabling smooth gameplay for graphically demanding titles.
  9. Extended Battery Life: The Pro Max continues to impress with its extended battery life, providing around 8 hours of screen-on time on average. The seamless integration of Apple’s proprietary hardware and software contributes to this remarkable stamina.
  10. iOS 17 Compatibility: The iPhone 15 Pro Max supports the latest iOS 17, ensuring access to new features, improvements, and security updates.


  1. Fine-Woven Case Issues: Apple’s decision to replace leather cases with a fine-woven alternative has received criticism for being prone to scuffing, scratching, and accumulating dirt. Users are advised to opt for more durable case options.
  2. No Reverse Wireless Charging: Unlike some competitors, the iPhone 15 Pro Max does not support reverse wireless charging, limiting its versatility in charging other compatible devices.
  3. Incremental Camera Improvements: While the main and ultra-wide cameras exhibit evolutionary improvements, the advancements might not be deemed groundbreaking for users already satisfied with the previous generation.
  4. Durability Concerns: Durability tests have revealed potential vulnerabilities, such as the hollow space behind the glass back, making the device susceptible to smash-breaking under extreme pressure.
  5. Lack of Significant Design Changes: The overall design retains familiarity, with the absence of significant aesthetic changes. Users looking for a radically different design may find the incremental alterations less compelling.
  6. Pricing: As with any new flagship model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a premium price tag. The cost may be a limiting factor for budget-conscious consumers, especially considering the incremental nature of some upgrades.

In conclusion, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max presents a compelling package with notable improvements in various aspects, including design, camera capabilities, and performance. However, users should weigh the incremental upgrades against their specific needs and preferences, considering factors such as pricing and individual usage patterns before deciding on an upgrade.

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