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In this article, I give you my Apple iPad Air 3 (2019) review with specs included. The reemergence of the middle-tier iPad is indeed cause for celebration, particularly with the introduction of the Apple iPad Air 3 in 2019. Priced at $500 for the 10-inch model, this iteration bridges the gap between the budget-friendly $329 basic iPad and the premium $799 starting price 11-inch iPad Pro. With the return of the iPad Air 3, consumers now have a compelling option that combines a sleek design, lightweight construction, and a host of features at a more accessible price point.

Retaining its signature thin profile at 6.1 millimeters and weighing approximately a pound, the iPad Air 3 offers both Wi-Fi and LTE 4G connectivity options, allowing users to enjoy gigabit speeds on the go. Starting at $499 for the 64 GB storage variant, the iPad Air 3 offers ample storage for most users, with the option to upgrade to 256 GB for an additional $150. While the absence of a 128 GB option may disappoint some, the inclusion of streaming services for video and music consumption mitigates the need for extensive onboard storage.

Apple iPad Air 3 2019 Colors
Apple iPad Air 3 (2019) Colors

For users seeking enhanced connectivity, the iPad Air 3 is available in a Wi-Fi plus 4G LTE cellular configuration, priced at $629. Additionally, the inclusion of GPS functionality requires opting for the cellular model, as Wi-Fi-only versions lack this feature. Similar to its pro counterparts, the iPad Air 3 boasts a smart connector on the side, facilitating compatibility with accessories like the keyboard folio and the Apple Pencil.

Speaking of the Apple Pencil, the iPad Air 3 supports the first-generation Apple Pencil, offering a seamless drawing experience with precise input and robust palm rejection capabilities. While lacking the 120 Hz ProMotion display found in the iPad Pro models, the iPad Air 3 features a Retina IPS high-resolution display with wide P3 color gamut support and True Tone technology. This results in vibrant colors, reduced reflectance, and improved color accuracy, particularly in low-light conditions.

Under the hood, the iPad Air 3 is powered by the Apple A12 CPU, delivering fast and responsive performance comparable to the iPhone XS and XS Max. While not as powerful as the A12X CPU found in the latest iPad Pro models, the A12 chipset ensures smooth multitasking, gaming, and general usage. Moreover, with Apple’s commitment to providing software updates for several years, the iPad Air 3 remains future-proof, capable of handling demanding tasks and running the latest apps and games for years to come.

In the realm of Android tablets, the iPad Air 3 stands out as a formidable competitor, particularly given the lackluster performance and limited market presence of Android counterparts. Despite the prevalence of Android devices, the iPad Air 3 offers a compelling combination of affordability, performance, and ecosystem integration, making it a top choice for consumers seeking a versatile and reliable tablet experience.

The Apple iPad Air 3 represents a significant evolution in the mid-range tablet market, offering a compelling blend of design, performance, and features at a competitive price point. With its sleek design, vibrant display, powerful internals, and extensive ecosystem support, the iPad Air 3 reaffirms Apple’s dominance in the tablet market and sets a new standard for affordable yet premium tablet experiences. Whether for work, entertainment, or creativity, the iPad Air 3 delivers an exceptional user experience that exceeds expectations and solidifies its position as a standout device in the crowded tablet landscape.

Google’s efforts in refining the tablet experience have been notably lackluster, with a distinct lack of differentiation from the smartphone experience and a less extensive ecosystem compared to Apple’s iPad. While the iPad boasts a vast library of tablet-specific applications, its primary competitor in the Android realm would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Priced at around $649 for the 64 GB model, the Galaxy Tab S4 offers a high-resolution display but is equipped with an older Snapdragon 835 CPU, lagging behind the current Snapdragon 855 found in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones. Despite including the S Pen stylus, the Tab S4 remains a pricey alternative to the iPad Air 3, with a design that may not be as cutting-edge as the Pro lineup.

However, Samsung’s tablet does feature a larger screen size of 10.5 inches compared to the previous generation iPad Air’s 9.7 inches, with slightly reduced bezels contributing to a more modern aesthetic. Notably, the iPad Air 3 retains a headphone jack and utilizes a lightning connector rather than USB-C, a design choice that may appeal to users already entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. The inclusion of a 12-watt charger and USB to lightning cable further enhances the device’s compatibility with existing Apple accessories.

Performance-wise, the iPad Air 3 shines with its current-generation A12 CPU, delivering smooth and responsive operation comparable to the iPhone XS and XS Max. Despite lacking Face ID, the iPad Air 3 features Touch ID for biometric authentication, providing a convenient and secure unlocking method. While the rear camera boasts an 8-megapixel resolution and the front camera features a 7-megapixel lens, neither camera offers cutting-edge capabilities, making them adequate for basic photography and video conferencing but falling short of professional-grade standards.

In terms of audio, the iPad Air 3 features stereo speakers that fire from the bottom, offering decent sound quality but lacking the quad-speaker setup found in the Pro models. Nevertheless, the device delivers satisfactory stereo separation, enhancing the multimedia experience for users. Battery life is impressive, with a 30.2-watt-hour lithium-ion battery capable of delivering up to 10 hours of usage on Wi-Fi, making it a reliable companion for extended periods of productivity or entertainment.

Overall, the iPad Air 3 represents Apple’s mainstream offering in the tablet market, catering to consumers seeking a balance between affordability and performance. Priced at $500, the iPad Air 3 delivers a compelling combination of features, including a high-quality display, Apple Pencil support, and robust performance courtesy of the A12 CPU. With its lightweight design, extensive ecosystem compatibility, and enduring battery life, the iPad Air 3 offers a versatile and reliable tablet experience suitable for a wide range of users. Whether used for productivity, creativity, or entertainment, the iPad Air 3 excels in providing a user-friendly and feature-rich platform that aligns with the needs and preferences of modern tablet users.

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