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In this article, I give you my Umidigi Z2 review with specs included. It’s not the best name, I know, but this is the perfect follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that I reviewed for those who want a big-screen phone. If you want some of the nice creature comforts like a nice widescreen high-resolution display a reasonably fast CPU, and double cameras, this has it all.

Umidigi Z2 Dimensions
Umidigi Z2 Dimensions

36 LTE bands so yes that means AT&T and T-Mobile for you u.s. People. Most of their bands are covered enough to get decent service. So all of that stuff right you’re thinking arty well gee you know one plus one plus six for example. If I want to save some money and not go all the way to note 9 kind of posting pricing.

Umidigi Z2 Parts
Umidigi Z2 Parts

The Umidigi Z2 is reminiscent of the early days of smartphones like the OnePlus One, offering an impressive array of features at a remarkably low price point. Priced at around $239 on sites like Gearbest, this device stands out among other Chinese Android phones with its premium design and build quality, featuring a sleek combination of glass and aluminum. Despite its affordable price, the Umidigi Z2 exudes a sense of sophistication and refinement that defies expectations for a budget-friendly handset.

In recent years, unlocked import Android phones from China have significantly improved in terms of design and build quality, and the Umidigi Z2 is a prime example of this evolution. With its premium materials and attention to detail, this device exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication that belies its affordable price tag. The combination of glass and aluminum gives the Umidigi Z2 a sleek and modern aesthetic, making it a visually appealing option for discerning consumers.

One of the most striking aspects of the Umidigi Z2 is its slim and lightweight design, which manages to strike a balance between portability and durability. Despite its slender profile, the device feels solid and well-built, with no compromise in terms of quality or craftsmanship. This attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the device, from its smooth glass exterior to its sturdy aluminum frame.

The Umidigi Z2 also boasts a number of features that are typically found on higher-end smartphones, further enhancing its value proposition. For example, the device comes equipped with a notch display, which may polarize some users but adds a modern touch to the overall design. Additionally, the Umidigi Z2 supports a wide range of 4G LTE bands, making it compatible with most GSM carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile. This ensures reliable connectivity and coverage, regardless of the user’s location or network provider.

For those who require even more power and storage capacity, Umidigi offers the Z2 Pro variant, which features a faster Helio P30 CPU and 128GB of storage. This premium model also boasts a ceramic edition for users seeking a more luxurious and stylish option. With its impressive specifications and premium design, the Umidigi Z2 Pro caters to users who demand the best in performance and aesthetics.

In terms of display, the Umidigi Z2 features a 6.2-inch widescreen Full HD Plus display with a resolution of 2246 x 1080 pixels. While the 19:9 aspect ratio may seem unconventional, it offers a visually immersive experience that is well-suited for multimedia consumption and gaming. The IPS display delivers vibrant colors and crisp details, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience in any lighting conditions.

In addition to its stunning display, the Umidigi Z2 offers dual SIM support with 4G LTE connectivity for both SIM slots. This allows users to seamlessly switch between different networks or use two SIM cards simultaneously for added convenience. Furthermore, the device features a hybrid SIM slot design, allowing users to use either a second SIM card or a microSD card for expanded storage.

Despite its impressive array of features, the Umidigi Z2 does have some drawbacks, such as the absence of a headphone jack. However, this is mitigated by the inclusion of a USB-C port and a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter in the box. Additionally, the device comes bundled with a TPU case, a factory-applied screen protector, a USB-C cable, and a fast charger, providing users with everything they need to get started.

The Umidigi Z2 offers exceptional value for money, combining premium design and build quality with impressive performance and features. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly smartphone with flagship-like features or simply want a stylish and reliable device for everyday use, the Umidigi Z2 delivers on all fronts. With its sleek design, vibrant display, and versatile connectivity options, it’s a standout option in the crowded mid-range smartphone market.

The Umidigi Z2 operates on Android Oreo without any additional overlays or heavy customizations commonly found in budget smartphones, which contributes to its smooth performance. Powered by a MediaTek Helio P23 octa-core processor and Mali-G71 MP2 graphics, its performance is comparable to that of a Snapdragon 625, offering satisfactory speed and responsiveness for its price range.

The device offers two forms of biometric authentication: a fingerprint scanner located on the back and facial recognition. While the fingerprint scanner is conveniently positioned and works reliably, the facial recognition feature is fast but less secure, as it may be vulnerable to unlocking by individuals resembling the user. Users must weigh the convenience of facial recognition against its potential security risks.

Fast charging capability enables the Umidigi Z2 to recharge from 5% to full in approximately 80 minutes, a noteworthy feature considering its affordable price point. However, certain premium features such as wireless charging, IP68 water resistance, and NFC are absent, which may disappoint users reliant on services like Google Pay.

With a 3850mAh battery capacity, the Umidigi Z2 offers commendable battery life, comparable to flagship devices like the Note 9. Despite MediaTek CPUs typically being less power-efficient than Snapdragons, the device’s combination of a sizable battery and mid-range CPU ensures moderate usage throughout the day. Intensive activities like gaming or prolonged GPS usage may result in shorter battery life but still provide adequate screen-on time.

Audio output is delivered through a mono bottom-firing speaker, which surprisingly offers decent volume levels and minimal distortion. While lacking in bass depth, the speaker satisfactorily serves its purpose for everyday audio needs. The absence of ruggedization features like Gorilla Glass protection is compensated by the inclusion of a TPU case in the package, offering basic protection against accidental drops.

The Umidigi Z2 boasts an impressive 90% screen-to-body ratio, contributing to its sleek and modern design. Its camera setup includes dual rear cameras equipped with 16-megapixel Samsung sensors and dual front cameras featuring 8-megapixel Sony sensors. The secondary cameras primarily enhance photographic capabilities by enabling bokeh effects for portrait shots.

Overall, the Umidigi Z2 presents a compelling option for budget-conscious consumers seeking a capable and stylish smartphone. While it may lack certain premium features, its competitive price point, smooth performance, and commendable battery life make it a noteworthy contender in the mid-range smartphone market.

While the Umidigi Z2 may boast an attractive design and responsive performance, its camera features exhibit some budget-oriented limitations, particularly concerning the implementation of bokeh effects. The device employs a vignetting technique to blur the outer regions of photos, a process that could feasibly be achieved through software manipulation alone, rendering the presence of a secondary lens somewhat redundant. The adjustable slider for adjusting the intensity of the effect provides users with some control, but the lack of intelligent subject detection results in indiscriminate blurring that may not always yield optimal results.

Despite these shortcomings, the camera software itself is relatively intuitive, offering various shooting modes accessible via simple swiping gestures. The resulting photos are generally satisfactory in quality, although they may not compete with those produced by flagship devices such as the OnePlus 6. One notable issue is the tendency to overexpose highlights in certain lighting conditions, detracting from the overall image quality. Video recording capabilities are limited to 1080p resolution, with no provision for optical image stabilization, which may lead to shaky footage, particularly when shooting while in motion.

Concerns regarding software updates remain somewhat uncertain, as the device was observed to be several months behind on security patches at the time of review. While minor updates may be expected in the future, the likelihood of major updates, such as the transition to Android Pie, remains uncertain. Given the device’s affordability, potential limitations in terms of long-term software support should be considered by prospective buyers, particularly those prioritizing timely updates and feature enhancements.

However, the Umidigi Z2 does offer several commendable features that contribute to its overall appeal. Its sleek design and responsive performance make it an attractive option within its price range. The inclusion of clean Android 8.1 Oreo without heavy manufacturer overlays ensures a smooth user experience, while the device’s support for 4G LTE connectivity across various countries enhances its versatility and appeal to international users. Despite its shortcomings in certain areas, the Umidigi Z2 represents a solid budget smartphone choice for consumers seeking a balance of style, performance, and affordability.

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