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In this article, I give you my Samsung Mythic review with specs included. I got this device from AT&T with a contract. This is basically yet another replacement for the Eternity phone and it has some improved specifications and looks that I think are an improvement for the Eternity.

Although it is in a dark color, you can see it has kind of a red reflectorized back. It shows fingerprints like crazy but it looks kind of neat. Samsung has been doing that in a lot of their mid-tier to high-end phones. Also on the backside, you can see that it has a 3-megapixel camera with autofocus and with a flash that’s pretty bright.

The Samsung Mythic features a screen resolution of 360 by 640 pixels and incorporates several notable features, including an accelerometer, haptic feedback, and a proximity sensor. In comparison to its predecessor, the Eternity, the Mythic offers enhanced specifications. The device retains the TouchWiz user interface, providing users with easy access to various functions. While the icon strip allows users to view icons, direct launching of applications is not supported. However, users can tap on icons to transfer them to the desktop, which spans across three virtual screens.

Similar to the Eternity, the Mythic includes mobile TV functionality, allowing users to access a demonstration channel without requiring a full subscription. Utilizing Flow TV technology, this feature incurs a monthly fee of $10 and operates similarly to digital broadcast TV, independent of the device’s data connection. Approximately 12 channels are available through the mobile TV service, which is accessible in cities where Flow TV is available.

The device boasts multiple desktops, offering customizable widgets such as a calendar and music control widget. With a built-in speaker located on the back of the device, users can enjoy quality audio output. Additionally, the Mythic is equipped with GPS functionality compatible with AT&T Navigator and supports mobile video playback, previously known as CV, which can be accessed through the device’s web browser.

Featuring Samsung’s new mobile web browser 1.0, based on WebKit technology, the device offers smooth browsing and efficient rendering of web pages. AT&T’s mobile video service is included with the data plan, delivering high-quality video content directly to the device. While the Mythic may not offer the extensive capabilities of a smartphone, it excels in media playback, supporting locally stored videos and maintaining satisfactory performance.

The device’s video player facilitates playback of various file formats, including WMV files and movies ripped and converted to compatible formats. Users can navigate through videos with ease, adjusting playback settings such as aspect ratio and screen resolution. Similarly, the music player, reminiscent of previous Samsung models like the Eternity and Impression, offers a familiar user interface and delivers impressive audio quality.

Conveniently located beneath the battery door, the MicroSD card slot supports SDHC cards, providing users with expandable storage options without the need to remove the battery. The device’s external controls include dedicated call, send, and end buttons, with the end button serving as the power button when held down. Additionally, a dedicated camera button, volume controls, and a standard 3.5-millimeter stereo jack are present, along with a USB port for charging and data transfer.

Priced at $199, the Samsung Mythic is available for purchase on AT&T, offering consumers a feature-rich device with multimedia capabilities and intuitive user interface design.

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