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In this article, I give you my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review with specs included. This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra again. I say that because we did a first look at the regular s21 and at the ultra. But now here’s our full review now that the embargo has ended and I’ve had a chance to live with it for a week or more at this point.

In this auspicious time, I find myself inclined to celebrate, for when products hit the mark, it’s a moment of triumph amidst the challenges. And this time, Samsung has struck gold on their second attempt. Many of us are well aware of the shortcomings of the previous generation, particularly the lackluster performance of the S20 Ultra, which was priced $200 higher than its successor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Box

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, starting at $1,199, has rectified many of the deficiencies of its predecessor, especially in the realm of camera technology. The S20 Ultra promised the pinnacle of smartphone photography with its advanced cameras and space zoom capabilities but fell short due to numerous issues, including focus problems and overall subpar performance. However, Samsung has risen to the occasion and addressed these concerns with the S21 Ultra, delivering a device that truly shines.

Let’s delve into the details. The S21 Ultra is not just fast; it’s lightning-fast, thanks to the inclusion of the Snapdragon 888 CPU, Qualcomm’s first 5-nanometer chipset. While I cannot vouch for the performance of the Exynos 2100 variant available in some regions, reports suggest that Samsung has made significant strides in improving the Exynos processor’s capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Colors
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Colors

Moreover, the design of the S21 Ultra has undergone a notable upgrade compared to its predecessor. Gone is the uninspiring battleship gray finish of yesteryear, replaced by a more refined aesthetic. The rear camera cluster, once a prominent eyesore, is now elegantly integrated into the design, lending the device a sleek and sophisticated look. Additionally, the use of Gorilla Glass Victus on both the front and back enhances durability while exuding a premium feel.

Color options may appear somewhat subdued, with choices limited to silver and black. However, Samsung offers custom color options on their website for those seeking a bit more variety. Furthermore, the elimination of the wobbling effect when placed on a flat surface is a welcome improvement, courtesy of the flattened camera cluster.

The display of the S21 Ultra is nothing short of impressive. Samsung touts it as their best display yet, and rightfully so. With a resolution of 3200 x 1440 and a pixel density of 515 PPI, the 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen delivers stunning visuals with unparalleled clarity and detail. The addition of HDR10+ support and a maximum brightness of 1500 nits further enhance the viewing experience, making it ideal for consuming HDR content even in bright outdoor environments.

Furthermore, the display features a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz, ensuring smooth scrolling and fluid animations. The inclusion of S Pen support opens up a world of possibilities for productivity and creativity, allowing users to take full advantage of the device’s expansive screen real estate.

On the camera front, the S21 Ultra truly shines. Equipped with a 108-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and two telephoto lenses (3x and 10x optical zoom), the S21 Ultra offers unparalleled versatility and image quality. Samsung has addressed the focus issues that plagued its predecessor, delivering fast and accurate autofocus performance. The addition of optical image stabilization (OIS) on all three lenses further enhances the device’s low-light photography capabilities.

Moreover, Samsung’s commitment to computational photography is evident in the S21 Ultra’s night mode, which has been significantly improved through the use of AI algorithms. The result is stunning low-light images with exceptional detail and clarity, rivaling even dedicated point-and-shoot cameras.

Battery life on the S21 Ultra is commendable, with the 5000mAh battery providing ample power to keep the device running throughout the day. Fast charging support (25W wired, 15W wireless) ensures quick recharge times, while the addition of reverse wireless charging adds a layer of convenience for users looking to top up their accessories on the go.

In terms of competition, the S21 Ultra stands tall against rival flagship devices such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the OnePlus 8 Pro. While each device has its strengths and weaknesses, the S21 Ultra’s superior camera capabilities and stunning display make it a compelling choice for users seeking the ultimate smartphone experience.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra represents a triumph of innovation and engineering, delivering a device that exceeds expectations on multiple fronts. While its premium price tag and sizable dimensions may deter some, for those seeking the pinnacle of smartphone technology, the S21 Ultra is undoubtedly a worthy investment.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Pros and Cons


  1. Outstanding Camera System: The Galaxy S21 Ultra boasts a cutting-edge camera setup, including a 108-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and two telephoto lenses offering 3x and 10x optical zoom capabilities. With advanced features such as optical image stabilization (OIS) and improved autofocus, the S21 Ultra delivers stunning images with exceptional clarity and detail.
  2. Impressive Display: Featuring a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a resolution of 3200 x 1440 pixels and a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz, the S21 Ultra offers an unparalleled viewing experience. With HDR10+ support and a maximum brightness of 1500 nits, the device delivers vibrant colors and deep blacks, making it ideal for multimedia consumption.
  3. S Pen Support: The inclusion of S Pen support expands the device’s functionality, allowing users to take notes, sketch, and navigate with greater precision. With Wacom EMR technology and tilt support, the S Pen offers a natural writing and drawing experience, further enhancing productivity and creativity.
  4. Powerful Performance: Powered by the Snapdragon 888 CPU (or Exynos 2100 in select regions) and up to 16GB of RAM, the S21 Ultra delivers exceptional performance across the board. Whether gaming, multitasking, or productivity tasks, the device handles everything with ease, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience.
  5. Long Battery Life: With a 5000mAh battery capacity and efficient power management, the S21 Ultra offers long-lasting battery life, keeping users connected throughout the day. Fast charging support (25W wired, 15W wireless) and reverse wireless charging further add to the device’s convenience.
  6. Premium Design and Build Quality: Boasting Gorilla Glass Victus on both the front and back, the S21 Ultra exudes a premium look and feel while offering enhanced durability. The flattened camera cluster and refined aesthetics contribute to the device’s sophisticated appearance, making it a standout choice in terms of design.
  7. Feature-rich Software: Running on Samsung’s One UI 3.1 software, the S21 Ultra offers a wealth of features and customization options tailored to enhance the user experience. From advanced multitasking capabilities to enhanced privacy and security features, the device provides a seamless and intuitive user experience.
  8. 5G Connectivity: With support for both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks, the S21 Ultra ensures blazing-fast download and upload speeds, enabling users to stay connected and productive on the go.


  1. High Price Tag: The Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a premium price tag, making it one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. The steep cost may deter budget-conscious consumers from considering the device as their primary option.
  2. Large and Heavy: With its sizable dimensions and weight (229g), the S21 Ultra may be unwieldy for users with smaller hands or those seeking a more compact device. The device’s substantial footprint may also pose challenges when using it with one hand or fitting it into pockets.
  3. No MicroSD Card Slot: Unlike previous iterations, the S21 Ultra does not feature a microSD card slot for expandable storage. While the device offers ample internal storage options (128GB, 256GB, 512GB), the lack of expandability may be a drawback for users who rely on external storage for media and files.
  4. Curved Display Edges: While the curved display edges contribute to the device’s aesthetic appeal, they may result in accidental touches and reduce the usability of the screen. Some users may prefer a flat display for improved ergonomics and ease of use.
  5. Limited Color Options: The S21 Ultra is available in a limited range of color options, including silver and black. While Samsung offers custom color options through its website, the lack of vibrant color choices may disappoint users looking for more variety in their device aesthetics.
  6. No Charger or Earbuds Included: Following the trend set by other manufacturers, Samsung has opted to exclude chargers and earbuds from the S21 Ultra’s packaging. While this move may reduce e-waste and environmental impact, it means that users will need to purchase these accessories separately if they don’t already own them.
  7. No MST for Samsung Pay: Unlike previous Samsung devices, the S21 Ultra does not support Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) for Samsung Pay, limiting its compatibility with older point-of-sale terminals. While NFC payments are still supported, some users may miss the convenience of MST for wider payment acceptance.
  8. Limited Availability of Certain Features: Some features, such as certain camera modes and S Pen functionalities, may not be available in all regions or carrier variants of the S21 Ultra. This discrepancy in feature availability may frustrate users who expect a consistent experience across all device variants.
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