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The highlights that the Huawei Nova 10 Pro has are going to make you absolutely fall in love with this model. So let’s start off with the star of the show, the front cameras. That is right, there are two of them, a 60 MP Ultra-Wide Angle Autofocus Camera with an f/2.4 aperture), and an 8 MP Portrait Close-up Camera Camera with an f/2.2 aperture. You can zoom freely between 0.7X and 5X while taking selfies and making some breathtaking portraits. 

The maximum photo resolution is 8960 × 6720 pixels, and the maximum video resolution is 3840 × 2160 pixels. Also, this model supports 720p@240fps ultra slow motion video. A variety of capture modes is available – Vlog, Showcase Focus, Dual-View Video, Night Mode, Video, Capture Smiles, Audio Control, and Timer.

Huawei nova 10 Pro 2
Huawei Nova 10 Pro – rear cameras

Moving on to the rear cameras. There are three of them, a 50 MP Ultra Vision Photography with an f/1.8 aperture), an  8 MP Ultra-Wide Marco Camera with an f/2.2 aperture, and a 2 MP Portrait Depth Camera with an f/2.4 aperture. Rear cameras have autofocus, image stabilization, and digital zoom. All features are expected with these high-quality cameras. They also have plenty of capture modes for you to explore, like – Vlog, Follow Focus, AI-Camera, Ultra Wide Angle Lens, Night Mode, Portrait Mode, High-Res, Pro, Video, Dual-View Video, Super Macro, Slow-Mo, Aperture, and Burst Shooting.

Huawei nova 10 Pro 3
Huawei Nova 10 Pro – design

Now, let’s talk about the design of the Huawei Nova 10 Pro because it is eye-catching. The accent is absolutely on the Star Orbit Ring, followed by a 6.68-inch OLED display, with 1.07 billion colors. The display is curved, and has a P3 wide color gamut, enabling a visual experience unlike any other. It has improved clarity, decreased power consumption, and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The touch sampling rate is 300 Hz, and the resolution is FHD+ 1200 × 2652  pixels.

Huawei nova 10 Pro 4
Huawei Nova 10 Pro – display and front cameras

But let’s not lose focus, we were talking about the design of the Huawei Nova 10 Pro, so let’s go over the measurements. Huawei Nova 10 Pro is 164.24 mm long, 74.45 mm wide, and 7.88 mm thick. And it weighs only 191 grams. So it is lightweight and easy to move around. It comes in two shiny colors – Starry Silver and Starry Black. It will complement every outfit you choose.

Huawei nova 10 Pro 5
Huawei Nova 10 Pro – colors

Running the show behind the curtains of Huawei Nova 10 Pro is the 4500 mAh battery, which you can easily charge with HUAWEI SuperCharge (Max 100 W). if the battery level is insufficient before you go out, enter HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo mode to fully charge the battery in 20 minutes. Now that is really convenient, plus if you are in a really big hurry you can charge the battery from 20% to 80% in 10 minutes. This will help you save a lot of time and peace of mind.

Of course, we cannot forget to mention the EMUI 12 operating system, and all of the new features it brings to this model. Some of the features that will make your life less complicated are – Super Device, MeeTime, and Multi-device file browsing. Super Device will allow you to connect your phone with other devices like your tablets, PC, or headphones. With MeeTime you will be able to make multi-party calls, switch them seamlessly between your phone and tablet, and enjoy effortless communications at all times, with screen sharing. Multi-device file browsing will allow you to enjoy direct access to phone documents and photos without having to connect a single cable.

Lastly, we need to mention the storage that is available with the Huawei Nova 10 Pro. It has 8 GB of RAM memory and 128/256 GB of ROM memory. Plenty of space for images, videos, apps, downloads, etc. Also, we cannot go without mentioning the powerful processor under the hub. Huawei Nova 10 Pro has an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 778G 4G processor, and an Adreno™ 642L GPU, which work non-stop to make your experience the best possible.

Size and weight Length – 164.24 mmWidth – 74.45 mm Thickness – 7.88 mmWeight – Approx. 191 g (including battery)
Screen Size –  6.68 inches Color – 1.07 billion colors Type – OLED, up to 120 Hz refresh rate, 300 Hz touch sampling rate Resolution – FHD+ 1200 × 2652  Pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 778G 4GCPU – Octa-core, 4 × Cortex-A78@2.4 GHz + 4 × Cortex-A55@1.8 GHzGPU – Adreno™ 642L
Operating system EMUI 12
Storage 8 GB RAM + 128/256 GB ROM
Rear camera 1 – 50 MP Ultra Vision Photography (f/1.8 aperture)2 – 8 MP Ultra-Wide Marco Camera (f/2.2 aperture)3 – 2 MP Portrait Depth Camera (f/2.4 aperture)Autofocus Mode – YESImage Stabilization – A/SZoom Mode – digital zoom Image Resolution – Support up to 8192 × 6144 pixels Video Resolution – Support up to 3840 × 2160 pixels Capture Mode – Vlog, Follow Focus, AI-Camera, Ultra Wide Angle Lens, Night Mode, Portrait Mode, High-Res, Pro, Video, Dual-View Video, Super Macro, Slow-Mo, Aperture, Burst Shooting
Front camera 60 MP Ultra-Wide Angle Autofocus Camera  (f/2.4 aperture) + 8 MP Portrait Close-up Camera Camera  (f/2.2 aperture)Image Resolution – Support up to 8960 × 6720 pixelsVideo Resolution – Support up to 3840 × 2160 pixels, supports 720p@240fps ultra slow motion video.Capture Mode – Vlog, Showcase Focus, Dual-View Video, Night Mode, Video, Capture Smiles, Audio Control, Timer
Battery 4500 mAh
Charge HUAWEI SuperCharge (Max 100 W)
Network standard 4G, 3G, 2G
Data connections WLAN – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 2 × 2 MIMO, HE160, 4096 QAM, 8 Spatial-stream Sounding MU-MIMO.Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.2, Support BLE, SBC, AAC, LDAC.USB –  USB Type-C, USB 2.0Earjack – USB Type-C earjack
NFC Read Write mode and card Emulation mode (payment by SIM card,* or HCE) are supported.
Location GPS (L1 + L5 Dual band)/AGPS/GLONASS / BeiDou(B1I + B1C + B2a Tri-band) / GALILEO (E1 + E5a Dual band) / QZSS (L1 + L5 Dual band)
Sensors Gravity sensor Fingerprint sensorGyroscopeCompassAmbient light sensor
Media Audio – HUAWEI Histen, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.3gp, *.ogg, *.amr, *.aac, *.flac, *.wav, *.midiVideo – *.3gp, *.mp4

Huawei Nova 10 Pro Pros:

  1. Powerful Performance: The Huawei Nova 10 Pro is equipped with a powerful chipset and ample RAM, ensuring smooth performance for multitasking, gaming, and productivity tasks.
  2. Stunning Display: Featuring a vibrant and immersive display, the Nova 10 Pro offers rich colors, sharp details, and wide viewing angles, making it ideal for multimedia consumption, gaming, and reading.
  3. Impressive Camera System: With its advanced camera setup, including multiple lenses and AI-enhanced features, the Nova 10 Pro delivers stunning photography results, capturing detailed and vivid images in various lighting conditions.
  4. Long Battery Life: The Nova 10 Pro boasts a generous battery capacity, providing long-lasting battery life to keep you connected and productive throughout the day, even with heavy usage.
  5. Fast Charging: Huawei’s fast charging technology allows the Nova 10 Pro to recharge quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring you’re always ready to go when you need it.
  6. Sleek Design: Sporting a sleek and modern design, the Nova 10 Pro exudes elegance and sophistication, with slim bezels, a premium build quality, and a choice of attractive color options.
  7. 5G Connectivity: With support for 5G networks, the Nova 10 Pro offers ultra-fast data speeds and low-latency connectivity, enabling seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing experiences.
  8. Ample Storage: With generous onboard storage capacity and support for expandable storage via microSD cards, the Nova 10 Pro offers plenty of space for storing your files, apps, and media content.
  9. Enhanced Security: The Nova 10 Pro incorporates advanced security features such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and secure encryption to protect your personal data and privacy.
  10. Feature-Rich Software: Huawei’s EMUI software provides a rich array of features, customization options, and productivity tools, allowing users to tailor their device to suit their preferences and workflow.

Huawei Nova 10 Pro Cons:

  1. Lack of Google Services: Like other Huawei devices, the Nova 10 Pro does not come with Google services pre-installed, which may limit access to popular apps and services available through the Google Play Store.
  2. Limited App Availability: While Huawei has made efforts to expand its AppGallery, the selection of apps may be more limited compared to other Android devices, potentially affecting the availability of certain apps and services.
  3. Software Support Uncertainty: Ongoing trade tensions may impact Huawei’s ability to provide timely software updates and support for the Nova 10 Pro, leading to concerns about long-term device compatibility and security.
  4. Price: The Nova 10 Pro may come with a premium price tag, which could be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers looking for more affordable smartphone options.
  5. Regional Availability: Depending on your location, the Nova 10 Pro may have limited availability or delayed release dates, making it challenging to purchase or obtain the device in certain regions.
  6. Dependence on Huawei Services: With the absence of Google services, users may rely heavily on Huawei’s own ecosystem of apps and services, which may not offer the same level of integration or familiarity as Google’s services.
  7. Potential Regulatory Issues: Huawei’s devices may face regulatory challenges in certain markets, which could impact the availability and functionality of the Nova 10 Pro in those regions.
  8. Accessory Compatibility: Due to its unique design and features, the Nova 10 Pro may not be compatible with certain third-party accessories or peripherals, limiting options for customization and expansion.
  9. Future App Support: The long-term viability of app support for Huawei devices remains uncertain, as developers may prioritize platforms with larger user bases and established ecosystems, potentially leaving Nova 10 Pro users with fewer options for new apps and updates.
  10. Software Bloatware: Some users may find Huawei’s EMUI software to be bloated with unnecessary pre-installed apps and features, leading to a cluttered user experience and potentially impacting performance and usability.
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